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Jun 04, 2012

Do you need a Banking License to do Banking?

Clearly, to be a deposit taking bank and offer products like Mortgages, loans, savings accounts and so forth, it would be easier to have a bank charter. However, today the… READ MORE

Jun 04, 2012

Bye Bye Checking (and Current) Account

I've been recently debating with bankers and credit union executives on the core banking proposition they offer to new prospects. One of the realizations that led me to this was… READ MORE

May 18, 2012

Mobile Payment - Mainstream already

If you believe the pundits, mobile payments are years away from being mainstream. But that’s not at all an accurate assessment of the state of the industry. Firstly, a mobile… READ MORE

May 16, 2012

11th Annual Innovators of the Year

As overused as the word "innovation" may be, it's still an important concept to the financial services industry, where nimble newcomers can easily crop up and steal market share with… READ MORE

May 09, 2012

Next Bank Asia - Delivering to the Customer

Today in Singapore we’ve had a gathering of a collection of real innovators and disruptors in the financial services and customer experience space. The line up at #NextBankAsia was a… READ MORE

May 04, 2012

How to Transition to the new Branch Reality

I guess with a title like Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow it’s no surprise that a lot of people think I’m anti-branch. I’m not anti-branch, I just don’t drink from the… READ MORE

Mar 26, 2012

How Durbin will Speed the Decline in Branch Banking

In the UK and Australia, account keeping fees are nothing new. In the US, however, since the introduction of the Durbin amendment, many US banks have been moving to monthly… READ MORE

Mar 08, 2012

Lessons from Apple - great stores don't bring customers back

The new iPad just launched to the usual hype, anticipation and fanfare. Every time a new Apple product comes off the assembly line, it gets put under the biggest magnifying glass… READ MORE

Mar 02, 2012

The problem with passwords

In 2009, Marsha and Michael Shames-Yeakel, sued Citizen's Bank in the United States for the loss of $26,500 as a result of a successful phishing fraud instance against their home… READ MORE

Feb 23, 2012

Mobile Banking versus the Mobile Wallet - what's the difference?

With recent news that Barclays Pin-git (or is it Ping-it) has had 120,000 downloads in 5 days, that Square has 1m merchants on their payments platform (1/8th of all US… READ MORE

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