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Oct 28, 2013

In 5 Years, 50% of revenue will be digital

Where’s the revenue going to come from? Mobile use is exploding in the banking scene. If you are a retail bank today in the developed world and you don’t have… READ MORE

Oct 11, 2013

When Payments Disappear, and Value Emerges

Ok, so if you think we're done with the whole "when is a mobile payment a payment" argument, think again. The reality is that the biggest evolution in payments is… READ MORE

Oct 02, 2013

The US is becoming the world’s largest closed-loop payments system

Last year the US contributed close to 20% of the world's GDP despite coming off the back of the biggest economic downturn since the 1930's Great Depression. The US, UK, Germany, Russian… READ MORE

Sep 06, 2013

Some Amazing Insights

If you haven't been listening to Breaking Banks (VoiceAmerica/World Talk Radio) the last couple of months and you're in the financial services space, well you are missing out on some great… READ MORE

Aug 14, 2013

Why Google, Apple and Facebook don't want to be banks...

Recent research has shown that banks spend more on IT than any other industry sector (See Deutsche Bank Research - IT in banks: What does it cost?). In fact, on… READ MORE

Jul 09, 2013

Build your audience, not brand recall

Revenue is the driver of business, and most businesses for the longest time have been accustomed to building a pipeline of business, targeting specific demographics or segments of customers, or… READ MORE

May 29, 2013

Branches have a strong future as alternative channels

Back in 2008 I started talking about the BANK 2.0 concept and the consumer behavior shift that would result in the bulk of customers in developed economies abandoning branches over… READ MORE

May 22, 2013

PTP FTW! The beginnings of something much greater...

I had a call with an industry colleague earlier today talking the recent news on GMail Google Wallet integration, Dwolla's funding round and the "Square Cash" announcement. At large I'm… READ MORE

Apr 11, 2013

The death of branches probably started in 2010

There’s a strong statistical argument to be made for disruptive technologies that change consumer behavior. I’ve argued the impact of this on branch banking extensively starting with Branch Today, Gone… READ MORE

Feb 21, 2013

Social Media (SoMe) - What comes next is even more disruptive

Last year Facebook hit 1 Billion users. It is reported that the average Facebook user spends 75 minutes per day using Facebook. Mobile use has also increased significantly over the… READ MORE

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