Feb 26, 2016

By Brett King

The FinTechMafia Manifesto

Who are the FinTech Mafia? What do they do? Why should you care?

Like the PayPal Mafia before them, the FinTechMafia was grown out of the FinTech arena and were amongst the first to be involved in the global disruptive trend that is today known as “Fin-Tech”. We define FinTech as the emergence of alternative financial services models, innovation and start-ups that challenge the status quo of the banking, payments and insurance sectors. This correlates with developments introduced specifically by FinTech startups from the early days of PayPal and X.com’s creation, through to the post dot-com emergence of the likes of Simple, Moven, Lending Club, Zopa, Bitcoin exchanges and others.

The FinTechMafia (#FinTechMafia/@FinTechMafia) are an elite group of global professional who meet ALL of the following criteria:


  1. They have been individually and collectively involved in FinTech since before it was ‘hot’, specifically on or before the year 2010
  2. They have been globally active in the FinTech space since day one and are recognized as those who were the most vocal about FinTech in those early days
  3. They regularly participate in conferences and online communities and forums around the world and are recognized for their contribution
  4. They have been quoted in the media on FinTech related matters, and
  5. They are willing to be active in a small, elite group of like-minded peers to further FinTech progress globally, and they always help out their FTM friends


The FinTechMafia are like an elite special forces team waging war against complacency in the banking industry. They will always be on the frontlines, they will always be vocal and they will always be recognized.

Do you have what it takes to be FinTechMafia? Very few do. How do you know if you are FinTechMafia? You will be invited to join the FinTechMafia groups on Slack, Twitter and other platforms. If you are asked to join, then be prepared to make your mark and contribute proactively to the conversation.

FinTechMafia members will often host events such as a small dinner or meetup in their home town, or at event and conference locations where we frequently gather as a collective. You may also be asked to speak at an event on behalf of the FinTech industry. If none of this appeals, you should walk away now.

If you are invited to join the FTM there is a small membership fee of $50 which goes towards platform hosting costs and FinTechMafia goodies. You’ll receive your choice of a FTM t-shirt or cufflinks. Just let our group administrator @davidbrear know via Twitter of your choice.

The FinTechMafia is not a part-time proposition. It is something you live and breathe with passion on a daily basis.


Welcome to FinTech revolution.

Brett “The Don” King

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