Apr 30, 2010

By Brett King

Radio 938 Live – Singapore Radio interview launch of BANK 2.0

Michelle Martin
Radio 93.8 Singapore938 website
Segment: – Passion People

Radio segment that aired on Radio 93.8 Singapore 30th of April, 2010 (Recorded Friday 23rd of April). Michelle Martin and Radio 938 were so kind as to give me a very decent opportunity to explain more about the premise behind BANK 2.0 as a book and talk about the real challenges facing banks in creating or adopting innovations around customer experience.

The interview is approximately 10 minutes in length (uploaded in 2 parts due to file size). Hope you find the insights useful.

Radio 938 Interview – Part 1
Listen to Radio938Bank2.0-Part1

Radio 938 Interview – Part 2
Listen to Radio938Bank2.0-Part2

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