Global Fintech Moves

Henri Arslanian, FinTech and RegTech leader for China and Hong Kong for PwC joins Brett and Breaking Banks Asia host Simon Spencer for this week’s episode that spans the globe in fintech.

Saving the Bank: Big and Small

Whether you are a small community bank or a large national bank, you deal with issues of digitalization, helping your communities grow, creating and sustaining trust, and moving banking into the future. Today, we are bringing you samples of two of shows.

First, JP Nicols Serial Intrapreneur interviews CEO of Citizen Edmonds Bank, Jill Castilla about how she persisted until she dug the bank out of the red, and continues to innovate to keep the bank ahead of the curve. Then, we share Simon Spencer’s Breaking Banks Asia interview with Dilan Rajasingham, VP and bank futurist of Commonwealth Bank of Australia about the coming mesh economy and how banks can help.

Digitizing the Bank

For a long while, it was imagined that Fintechs would completely disrupt the banks, replacing a system laden with legacy technologies. A few years ago, it became very apparent that banks and fintechs would need to partner to be successful. Most fintechs needed bank partnerships to scale significantly. And most banks needed the innovation and imagination that fintechs brought with them in order to reimagine themselves as customer centric.
We are seeing many versions of this partnership: Open APIs, platformification within banks. Platforms or Marketplaces outside of banks. Accelerators and Innovation Labs in banks or as bank partners.

Today, JP Nicols and Simon Spencer host our guest,
Claire Calmejeane, the Director of Innovation and Digital Centre Excellence at LLoyds Banking Group to discuss the different approaches and what she thinks really works.

Introducing Breaking Banks Asia

Breaking Banks is global, but fintech is growing so fast and furious that we have more stories than we can cover- so we are expanding.

Introducing Breaking Banks ASIA with Simon Spencer. Breaking Banks Asia gets the inside look at the incredible innovation and technological changes that are setting the standard for the rest of the world.

The Big Little Data Story – Lisa Schutz, CEO of Verifier
Lisa Schutz, CEO of Verifier, has lived the “data dream”, at least as she sees it. She sold her first data analytics company, InFact Decisions, which focused on the strategic uses of data, regardless of business issue or the industry. But with Verifier, she has a different mission- to give the consumer more control over their information and to enable them to share it more seamlessly in the process of streamlining loan application. Looking at data as a resource for the consumer, and empowering their use of it, could change the entire way we think of as verifiable identity.

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