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Aug 06, 2015

Digital Identity- Keeping Ahead of Fraud

Maintaining customer security has always been a focus of the payments industry, both for merchants and customers. Being highly susceptible to theft, cash is the least secure. Cards have a… LEARN MORE


Jun 11, 2015

To Be Banked or Unbanked?

It is difficult to build wealth without access to the financial system, but banking services have often been too expensive for the poor. As the saying goes- it is expensive… LEARN MORE


Apr 02, 2015

FinTech Top Guns

Because our host Brett King is going on a well earned family vacation this week, we decided to revisit a few key interviews so far this year. #breakingbrett First up-… LEARN MORE


Feb 05, 2015

#BreakingBanks from Bali

Today, our host Brett King has turned over the hosting duties to Andy Mclean (@insanemclean) for a hosting turn in Bali. Andy hosts Rob Findlay from NextBank, Gary Dykstra who… LEARN MORE


Jan 27, 2015

Attracting Millenials to CU's

Millennials or Gen Y are now 30% of the workforce and are becoming the consumers that are pushing the economic trends. So, knowing about them is vital to the growth… LEARN MORE


Jan 09, 2015

Fintech and Dangerous Ideas: Mike Walsh

“An Idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all” – Oscar Wilde Today Brett hosts Mike Walsh with a discussion about Mike’s latest book,… LEARN MORE


Dec 18, 2014

Context Rules: Robert Scoble

As this is the last episode of Breaking Banks before the end of the year, we wanted to make sure it had plenty of food for thought. And we just… LEARN MORE

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