Episodes Hosted by: Rob Findlay


Apr 21, 2016

Bitcoin and Blockchain in ASEAN

Today, Rob Findlay takes the host chair as part of our series out of Singapore. His guests Marcus Swanepoel of BitX and Antony Lewis, blogger at bitsonblocks.net to discuss the… LEARN MORE


Dec 24, 2015

FinTech Hong Kong

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Rob Findlay guest hosts an amazing episode from Hong Kong. First up, Jost Stollman and Jessica Ellerm join us from Tyro to talk about their… LEARN MORE


Oct 23, 2015

FinTech Dragons

The looming giant in the FinTech industry is the Asian sectors. The potential for a new customer base and growth is enormous and FinTech companies are increasing focus on the… LEARN MORE


Feb 05, 2015

#BreakingBanks from Bali

Today, our host Brett King has turned over the hosting duties to Andy Mclean (@insanemclean) for a hosting turn in Bali. Andy hosts Rob Findlay from NextBank, Gary Dykstra who… LEARN MORE


Jun 05, 2014

From NextBank USA Live!

The FinTech world is always talking about disruption, innovation, digital and mobile adoption, and the many other technological influences that are changing how we interact with the world of finance.… LEARN MORE

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