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Today, Brett hosts Kamal Budhabbatti, called the Bill Gates of Kenya to talk about the amazing fintech scene in that part of the world. And Scout Finance Founders- Vivek Nasta and Ariez Dustoor are talking to us about their work to allow investment professionals to always be able to access their clients information and do real financial analysis from their mobile devices.

And Sam Maule is doing another FinTech 5, this time with Guest Ivan Cheung of Invest HK.

It is a truly global and groundbreaking episode of Breaking Banks!

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016

FinTech is changing the nature of finance and money around the world, and Innovate Finance, at the heart of the UK fintech scene, gathered the luminaries from around the globe to talk about what has changed and what to anticipate in the upcoming months and years.

Liz Lumley hosts, with JP Nicols as her wingman. Guests include Matthias Kroner, CEO of Fidor; Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Innovate Finance; Anju Patwardhan, Global Chief Innovative Officer, Standard Chartered Bank; Peter Jackson, Chief Innovative Officer, Santander; Eileen Burbidge, VC at Passion Capital; and Wendy Jephson, CEO/Founder of Sybenetix.

These are some of the best and brightest innovators in banking and FinTech! Don’t miss!

FinTech Tackling Investment

When the FinTech revolution first started, most of the action was in payments and consumer experience in daily banking. Many bankers wondered how long before fintech played a bigger role in investment management and what it would change. In the past year, the number of fintech companies focused on investment management has skyrocketed. Today, JP Nicols hosts again (Brett is on a plane!) and will be talking to one of the earlier players in investment management, Jay Shah of Personal Capital about being in early on this part of the change and how Personal Capital differentiates itself and what trends it sees in the space. Also, Derek Corcoran of Avoka joins us to talk about ways to truly help banks embrace the fintech revolution from the inside. And the other winners of Best in Show at Finovate join- EyeVerify and Valuto will be telling us about them and their Finovate experience.

Finovate- Fintech’s Biggest Conference

JP Nicols hosts a special episode out of London following Finovate Europe, the granddaddy of FinTech Conferences. Finovate began in 2007, and is now 3 yearly conferences that provide a forum for FinTech companies to demo their latest innovations. Talking to some of the Best in Show Winners and Roberto Ferrari. Also, Steve Lanklar, Senior VP of Direct Capital, tells us his story of successfully being acquired by a bank and maintaining the innovative strategies that challenge old finance notions.

Innovation Inside Banks

The advantage of FinTechs is that they can usually respond to customer feedback and pivot quickly. They are considered more agile than big banks. But that doesn’t mean all innovation is happening outside the banks. Several banks have been participating in the disruption and hiring people to shift their organizations from the inside.Today, JP Nicols, co-founder of the Bank Innovators Council, is stepping in as host! He talks with Jaidev Shergill of Capital One, Scarlett Sieber of BBVA, and John Schulte of Mercantile Bank of Michigan about the innovation inside of their organizations and how different organizations are approaching innovation. We also speak to Tom Groenfeldt of Forbes about how a bank in NZ is using mapping data to better serve our customers. And Ian Kar from Quartz is on to discuss the new JP Morgan lending platform, Apple P2P, and more!

From NextBank USA Live!

The FinTech world is always talking about disruption, innovation, digital and mobile adoption, and the many other technological influences that are changing how we interact with the world of finance. We will be broadcasting live from NextBank USA ( and speaking to the innovators and purveyors of this brave new landscape. Tune in and tweet to help us imagine what the personal financial world of tomorrow will really look like!

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