Tech Superstars

On today’s show, Brett hosts two renown tech stars- Keith Teare, a founding member of Tech Crunch and Archimedes Labs; and Brian Solis, expert in technology and customer behaviors.   They discuss AI, IOT, the changing nature of jobs due to technology, and the best ways to approach fake news.

This is an episode you really do not want to miss!

Fintech: From Helsinki to Tokyo

As usual, Brett has been traveling around the globe.  In his latest adventures, he was at the SLUSH conference in Helsinki Finland and at the Fintech Japan in Tokyo, where he gathered interviews about advancements in AI and what we should be thinking about to prepare for the increased presence of augmented and artificial intelligence at work in our lives.

Brett interviews Kristian Luomo from Op-Lab, Ville Hulkko from Valossa, Megan Beck- author of the Network Imperative, Natalie Shiori Fleming and Hiroki Kudo from Fintech Asssociation Japan, and Toshi Taki from Money Forward.


Fintech & IBM World of Watson

This week Brett was at the IBM World of Watson talking to the scientists and engineers working on Artificial Intelligence to augment our money- to make it move faster, smarter, better.  He even had a chat with Watson itself.

He also jumped at the chance to talk to David Brin, the author of Earth and Existence, about whether the future is hopeful, dark, and what he thinks the banking industry is poised to become.

You don’t want to miss this show!

We want to thank IBM for access to World of Watson Conference in Las Vegas.  Banking Analytics, combined with cognitive computing, provides you the ability to segment your customers and know each one as an individual in real time. To learn how you can turn data into insights with IBM Customer Insight for Banking visit  #spon 

Fintech: Building from Microfinance to Core Banking

Today, Brett hosts American Banker Editor-in-Chief Marc Hochstein to talk about the news and events around Wells Fargo. And Dazza Greenwood from MIT and Tommy Leander, Leg. Assistant for Congressman Schweikert report back on the developments in the Washington, DC blockchain forum.

Then Brett speaks with Eugene Danilkis,, CEO of Mambu and Tim Carson, CEO of Premier Kenya about building from microfinance roots to building core systems to fuel new banks and alt-finance.

Fintech: Where Finance, Tech, and Politics Meet

Despite the antics of the US elections, there are very serious and real issues concerning fintech in the near future.  

Today, we have 4 brave souls willing to look at the issues concerning the crossroads of finance, technology, and government oversight.   Sam Hodges- Co-Founder and US Managing Director of Funding Circle, Andrei Cherney- CEO of Aspiration bank, and Deva Annamalia-  Director of Innovation and Inspiration at Fiserv, and Eshe Nelson- Quartz Financial Reporter in London are all jumping in to speak about the broad trends and how they are affecting decisions about regulation and innovation.

Fintech: Mission Diversity

Several studies show that diverse work teams produce better product and make better teams. Yet, tech is still overwhelmingly men, and so is finance. So, you can just imagine the diversity issues in the crossroads of Fintech. Today, Brett King and Sam Maule co-host, and talk to Amy Nauiokas of Anthemis, Julie Chakraverty of Aberdeen Asset Management, Rhian Horgan of Kindred, and Tania Das Wright of Artivest, and Ghela Boskovich from Femtech Leaders, about how important it is to increase diversity in tech as tech redesigns every element of our world. Also Ian Kar joins us for his last show as a Correspondent for the show! He has recently taken a job at Acorns, and is ending his time as a journalist.


Today Brett is talking about “Cardmageddon”, as our co-host for today’s episode- Dave Birch- refers to the moment when other types of payments outpace card payments.   We are talking about where it will, when it will, and how it will happen.  

Joining Brett and Dave today is Jordan Lampe, Communications Director of Dwolla with an announcement, and payments experts Brian Roemmele, Faisal Kahn, and Rafael Otero.  

StarTrek Economics and Banking

Today, we are really looking at the way money will work in the future-  star date 2200 in the future.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we have invited Manu Saadia, author of Trekonomics ( to talk about what we will truly value in the future.  Also, Bruce Cahan, Stanford professor and co-founder of Stanford’s Sustainable Banking Initiative.

Rob Blackwell, Washington Bureau Chief, American Banker also joins to illuminate on the role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the Wells Fargo Scandal news.   And our producer Rachel Morrissey chimes in, with a customer’s point of view.

Next Money NYC 2016

It is Fintech Week in NYC and there have been a flurry of events to kick it off, beginning with Next Money, and going through Finovate. Brett and JP Nicols co-host this week, when we bring you the Next Money Fintech Future Trends panel, led by Penny Crossman of American Banker, and including Janine Hirt at Innovate Finance, Jon Zanoff, Entrepreneur in Residence at TechStars, and Susan Joseph, CEO of ID2020. Also, we chat with Dazza Greenwood at MIT Media Lab and Tommy Leander, LA to Congressman Schweikart, about their efforts to define the blockchain for the benefit of legislative guidelines.

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