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The FinTech world is always talking about disruption, innovation, digital and mobile adoption, and the many other technological influences that are changing how we interact with the world of finance. We will be broadcasting live from NextBank USA ( and speaking to the innovators and purveyors of this brave new landscape. Tune in and tweet to help us imagine what the personal financial world of tomorrow will really look like!

FinTech Overview- Anniversary 1

Can you believe we have already done a this show for a whole year? We can’t either. We thought a great way to celebrate was to review all the innovation in the past year with some of our most loyal commentators! On today’s show we have an all star cast on the trends and innovations in Banking. Brett will be hosting Ron Shevlin from Snarketing 2.O, Brad Leimer from Mechanics Bank, Dave Birch from Consult Hyperion, Chris Skinner with The Financial Services Club, Alex Sion from Moven, and Jim Marous from The Financial Brand. Join us for what will be an unforgettable episode!

Have Digital Wallets Stalled?

Mobile use is exploding on the banking scene, as it is throughout our lives. This week Square announced that they are giving up on the Square Wallet while Apple announced that they had integrated NFC wireless technology into iPhone6 after a deal was made with China UnionPay to integrate their banking company’s services into Passbook. To discuss the issues confronting mobile wallets, Brett speaks with Daniel Doderlein, CEO of mCash, and David M. Brear, Director of Digital Banking for Gartner Consulting. We also have a visit with Beth Lee, NextBank USA’s Producer, about the upcoming NextBank conference. We will be doing a live show there on June 12, 2014.

Signatures Get Risky!

Yes, you read that right. A signature card and a paper application form mean you are absorbing an unacceptable level of risk as a bank. The fact is that you can verify someone’s identity through much more reliable methods than using a signature card or signature verification today. Just looking up someone’s profile on LinkedIn or Facebook, their social security number (if you are in the US) combined with an identity document (drivers license/passport) and facial recognition, are vastly superior data points to a signature on a piece of paper. To talk about innovations in digital identification, Brett is hosting Dave Birch, Director at Consult Hyperion, and Sebastien Taveau, BPD- Chief Evangelist at Synaptics. Listen to why signatures are risky, but autographs are still nice.

Is Omnichannel More than extension of Brick and Mortar

Banks can never serve all the public efficiently and well through a structure that requires a physical bank presence. But banks also have the challenge to recreate a brick and mortar structure that is seamless with mobile/online experience. Today Brett is hosting J. Michael Beird, Co-Found and Managing Director of Financial Services for and Darryl Demos, the Managing Director of Novantas, to discuss how physical branches are making changes to stay relevant in a digital world, and the strides that banks are making to make the experience seamless no matter which screen you use.

Fintech Shifting Generational Expectations

Today on Breaking Banks we will be discussing the upcoming shifts in banking culture driven by the Gen-Y digital natives and how that translates to the best customer service options for banks and credit unions. How does going digital affect their customer base, what kind of product development will be required to stay relevant, and how do you expect to best serve all customers- developing for Gen-Y and allowing for those without digital sensibility? To discuss, Brett will talk with Bill Sullivan, Head of Global Financial Services Market Intelligence at Capgemini about the latest report on Customer Experience. Then, to look at the Credit Union perspective, Brett will speak with George Hofheimer, Chief Research & Innovation Officer of the Filene Research Institute, Robert Christianson, District Manager of Servus Credit Union, and Kayce M Bell, COO of Alabama Credit Union.

Islamic Finance

The financial crisis of 2008 increased the mistrust of global financial institutions, and the disruption and increase in mobile technologies lends to the narrative that financial systems are lagging in modernity. To regain the trust of Gen-Y, who all too often are opting out of the banking system, many are studying Islamic financial institutions, which have requirements to make borrower/lender relationships more equitable. To discuss how Islamic financial institutions are innovating and discussing principles of trust and fairness in the financial world, Brett is hosting Daud Vicary Abdullah, President and CEO of International Center of Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) and Osama Al Rahma, CEO of AL Fardan Exchange.

FinTech: Earning Consumers Attention

Today’s empowered consumers represent an interesting paradox. On one hand, there has never been more ways to reach them. On the other hand, it’s never been harder to truly engage these highly mobile, socially connected, financially astute consumers. According to just released research, the consumption of content on mobile devices is now exceeding online channels, with consumers usually multitasking with either their smartphone or tablet while doing other activities. How can we possibly get their attention in such an environment? Join Brett King as he welcomes Andy Lark,Chief Marketing & Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Jim Marous, financial services industry advisor and publisher of the Retail Banking Strategies section of The Financial Brand as they discuss how to break through the clutter and get the attention of today’s digital consumer. They will share strategies used by banks globally including new mobile applications, new marketing strategies and how social media can be leveraged to engage a consumer. They will also share some ways big data can be leveraged to deliver highly personalized short-form videos directly to customers that can educate, engage and sell. Don’t miss this fast-paced show that will get your attention about how to get your customer’s attention

Thoroughly Modern Good Old Fashioned Fintech

In today’s world we adore modern convenience but miss good old fashioned simplicity, like when I use my mobile to look up homemade pickle recipes. We want all the personal touches, but with all the digital speed and information at our fingertips. On today’s #BreakingBanks, Brett will be talking with two players in the digital space who are showing how to incorporate the personal touch and teaching old dogs new digital tricks. Anders Sorman-Nilsson is an innovation strategist and author of Digilogue: how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow’s customer and David Thomas is a futurist speaker and business consultant and an expert in the emerging BRIC economies.

NeoBanks Get Serious

Now that the mobile banking model has proven itself, there is a lot of movement in traditional banks to acquire or build mobile model innovations. Today, Brett is talking to Josh Reich, the CEO of Simple to talk about joining with BBVA and the future of their business. And he will be chatting with Patrick Bucquet who will be launching, a mobile bank in Europe. It is all about the innovation and movement in the mobile banking world on today’s Breaking Banks!

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