Breaking Down Blockchain: Cool Apps and Pushback; part 4/5

Brett King is again joined by Chris Skinner to host our fourth installment of our special Breaking Down Blockchain series. They are joined by Bart Stephens, Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital, George Samman, writer of and blockchain consultant, and Wayne Vaughan, CEO of Tierion to discuss cool applications and the pushback on the blockchain.

Also joined by Joe Ziemer, Director of Communications and Policy at Betterment with news about their partnership with Uber.

Breaking Down Blockchain: Smart Assets; part 3/5

Brett King and Chris Skinner continue our series: Breaking Down Blockchain. This week, we are looking at other sectors related uses of blockchain, like healthtech, biotech, trade, and energy. Joining them are Bailey Reutzel, author of Moneytripping; Michael Casey, Senior Advisor, MIT Media Lab, Digital Currency Initiative; Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO of Everledger; Abraham Cambridge, Founder and CEO of The Sun Exchange; and Vasily Suvarov, VP of Technology Strategy at Luxoft.

Also, payments expert Brian Roemmele and Senior Editor of Bank Innovation, Philip Ryan, join to talk about ApplePay vs. Australia’s Banks. 🙂

Breaking Down Blockchain: The Smarter Ledger; part 2/5

Brett King is again joined by Chris Skinner, Author of Value Web, to co-host our second episode on our 5 week series delving deep into the blockchain. This week, we have on Alex Tapscott, co-Author of Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology behind Bitcoin is changing Money, Business, and the World, and Bailey Reutzel of Moneytripping.

Breaking Down Blockchain: Episode 1/5

Today, Host Brett King is joined by co-Host Chris Skinner, Author of Value Web, to begin our 5 week series delving deep into the blockchain.

This week, it is the basics of blockchain- What is blockchain? What is bitcoin? What is Ethereum? And what is all the news about a hard fork?

Theo Priestley, a top Fintech thought leader and writer, Simon Taylor, Director of Blockchain at FS-11, and John Lillic, Director of Business Enterprise at Consensys all join to explain all the basics, and clarify what you thought you knew!

Fintech: Augmented Reality and Bank Marketing

Brett hosts today, and it is a full lineup. First he talks with Ian Kar about the new Venmo in-app payment system. Second, he chats with Alex Sion of Moven, and Matthew Applegate of Wharton Fintech about their white paper examining the new financial services needs in the gig economy. Eric Nunlee, a freelancer, also pipes in to explain the needs of freelancers. Then, we hop over to Chris Nichols with Center State Bank and their marketing efforts using the Pokemon Go phenomenon. And last Markus Gnirck talks about his new endeavor in Singapore- Tryb.

Fintech DemoDay at Startupbootcamp NYC

Today, Brett hosts a very different episode for us. We spent a day with some of the teams at the Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC, as well as Jesse Podell, the MD and Nektarios Liolios, the Founder of SBC Fintech. Instead of doing straight interviews, we showcase a few teams and how different routes got them to the accelerator, and what an accelerator can really do for a Startup.

  • Brett talks with Zohar Steinberg and Yana Zaidiner from Token Payments
  • JP Nicols talks with Ravi Balasubramanian and Skye Isard from Alphapack (now Sandbox Banking
  • Sam Maule talks with Jordan Fishfeld talks from CFX Markets

FinTech: Bots, Brands & Entrepreneurship

Will AI change the nature of humanity itself? Today, Brett talks with Katie Aquino, better known as Miss Metaverse, about the expectations for the future and what that means for us in every aspect of life. Scott Raskin, CEO of Spigit comes on the show to discuss why banks should be looking and fostering the innovative ideas among their own ranks. Andrei Cherney, CEO of Aspiration, named by Time magazine as the best stand-alone checking account in 2015, comes on the show to discuss how they plan to do well by doing good, and their policy of allowing their customers to set their And Ben Lynch, the creator of the bankbot Jude, comes on to discuss the popularity of Bots

FinTech Future: Cyborgs and Digital Currency

Today, Brett King is hosting one of the leaders in global technology revolution- David Orban. David is a fierce proponent of financial and government transparency. He is- Founder/Trustee of the Network Society Research – Member and Advisor of Singularity University – Advisor of Dotsub (former CEO) – Founder of Dotwords – Founder of Axelera – Mentor at Thiel Fellowship – Chairman of the Board of Humanity+ – Founder of WideTag – Co-Founder of Startupbusiness- social network for Italian Startup eco-system – Scientific Advisory Board for the Lifeboat Foundation – Founder of Open Government Data Today, they will be talking about a new digital currency – DAO ALSO Sam Maul brings us another Fintech5!

Learning from FinTech for other Industries

Today, Brett talks to Moshe Tamir, an expert in insurance innovation about the disruption in the insurance industry and what to look forward to. And Noel Toolan visits the studio to talk about #MarTec. Also, we have a special report from David Brear at the Temenos Innovation Jam Finals in Barcelona!

The Possibilities with Digital Currencies

The possibilities that digital currency create with payments, ledgers, contracts, and the transparency to rebuild trust are momentous. On the show today, Brett is hosting people who dare to re-imagine how banks and payments interact, who the middle man should really be, or if a middle man is needed at all. First we have Ben Milne is the CEO/Founder of Dwolla, a revolutionary company that creates real time payments and imagines a world without credit cards (or their interest or fees). Then Vitalik Buterin of Etherium and Simon Taylor of Barclays join to talk about the Etherium Project. Dave Birch also drops into the studio!

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