Advocating for Customers

In this week’s Breaking Banks, we continue with some of the highlights from SIBOS 2019. Brett King hosts Bianca Lopes, the founder of Talle, and Yuval Rooz, the co-founder and CEO of Digital Asset, talking blockchain developments in the identity and healthcare space, and much more. Then, Jason Henrichs hosts Jane Barratt, the Chief Advocacy Officer for MX Digital, discussing some of MX’s efforts in ensuring inclusive financial services and looking at the customer feedback loop as an asset for a company.

Introducing: Finovate Podcast

Host Jason Henrichs​ and co-host Dara Tarkowski discuss the rise of podcasting in the fintech community. Brian Solis​, joins to share insights from his new book LifeScale: How To Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life. In the second half, Finovate’s Greg Palmer​ gives us a preview of the upcoming #FinovateFall conference, coming to NYC September 23-26. Plus, we close today’s show with our exclusive premiere of the all-new Finovate Podcast, produced in association with Provoke Media!

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Hierarchy of Threats

Brett King hosts Bill Nelson, CEO of the Global Resilience Federation (GRF) and Bryan Sartin, Executive Director, Global Security Services at Verizon, talking cybersecurity and the hierarchy of threats that exists in the financial services landscape. Plus, we share a flashback from our 2017 interview with Boris Johnson, currently running for Prime Minister in the UK, sharing what really makes London the financial capital of the world.

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