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Travis Dulaney

CEO/ Founder, Push Payments

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Travis is Co-Founder of Push Payments, and has been responsible for directing and building our Real-Time payments capabilities, as well as establishing Push Payments South Florida office. Travis has over 25 years of Financial Services experience, specializing in Payments, Processing, & Banking across vertical markets providing vision, insights & creative solutions. ---- Travis held executive positions with, FIS the #1 FinTech company as Senior Vice President & General Manager of Government Services; VP of Product Development for eFunds Systems a payments switching & card processor; VP of IT for Interliant, a ASP. Travis’ experience ranges from software development to Six Sigma process engineering, Product Design & Operational Management providing him a unique ability to have vision across corporate functions. He spent the last two years building what is probably the only, fully compliant, scalable, secure, easy to use, intelligent and true real-time payments platform in the world. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the financial services industry focusing primarily on banking, core financial processing, and card mobile payments, using his expertise to improve efficiency in financial systems while creating and building new innovative payment systems and products. He has worked with a wide array of clientele, both in financial services and other industry sectors providing guidance and management as they deal with the ever-changing financial-services landscape. His clients have included international and regional commercial banking institutions, payment processors and government agencies, including the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, and OCFI.


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