Before Open Banking: Do We Need More Open Minds?

Host JP Nicols talks with special guest co-host Scarlett Sieber about the wide net she has been casting to break down the latest tech trends and insights in her Tech Tuesday series. Then, we revisit a recurring topic on the show – #OpenBanking, with Chris Cox, President of Apiture. 

Innovation Inside Banks

The advantage of FinTechs is that they can usually respond to customer feedback and pivot quickly. They are considered more agile than big banks. But that doesn’t mean all innovation is happening outside the banks. Several banks have been participating in the disruption and hiring people to shift their organizations from the inside.Today, JP Nicols, co-founder of the Bank Innovators Council, is stepping in as host! He talks with Jaidev Shergill of Capital One, Scarlett Sieber of BBVA, and John Schulte of Mercantile Bank of Michigan about the innovation inside of their organizations and how different organizations are approaching innovation. We also speak to Tom Groenfeldt of Forbes about how a bank in NZ is using mapping data to better serve our customers. And Ian Kar from Quartz is on to discuss the new JP Morgan lending platform, Apple P2P, and more!

FinTech Growing Globally

While there are a few cities that strive to be huge FinTech centers, but the opportunities in FinTech are global.Today Brett talks to Rajiv Anand, Group Executive and Head of Retail Bank at Axis Bank in India, who with PingPay has created an intuitive P2P app for its customers.Also, next week is a big FinTech week in NYC. We will be talking with Scarlett Sieber at BBVA about their Open Talent competition and the FinTechX event. Finovate comes to NYC next week! One of the exciting presenters, Erki Kert, CEO of Big Data Scoring (out of Estonia) will be joining to talk about their participation in Finovate, and how they are growing in Estonia and Helsinki!

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