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Sam Shawki

CEO & Founder, Magic Cube

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Significant industry experience in successfully launching high quality, innovative, commercial software and hardware products yielding multi-million dollar revenue streams. Experience in taking organizations from start-up stages to market leadership. Experience in developing business and technical partnerships between large global carriers and silicon valley start-ups. Ability to predict trends and help large companies adopt new business models and technologies earlier in the life cycle. Specialties: Software and hardware products and services development, deployment, and uptake through global partnerships. Mobile and mobile security product development. Mobile strategy and mobile commerce


Jul 07, 2017

Fintech: Customer Trust and Security

Today, our host Brett King, Author of Augmented and Bank 4.0 (coming soon) is joined by Penny Crosman of American Banker to discuss ICOs.┬áThen, he talks with Carl Ryden, CEO… LEARN MORE

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