Is The Fad Over?

Frequent contributor Ron Shevlin recently wrote in Forbes that ‘The Fad is Over for Bank/Fintech Partnerships.’ Hosts JP Nicols and Jason Henrichs take a deeper look into why that is, what needs to be done, and what the future might look like. Then Adwait Joshi, CEO of DataSeers talks about the challenges of extracting data from multiple siloes and providers, and what banks can do besides just throwing money at the problem. We’ll also dive into a surprising and important problem that the company is using data to solve.

Financial Fitness

Losing weight is simple– we all need to move more and eat less, yet weight loss is a $9 billion a year industry. What lessons can we apply to financial fitness? JP Nicols hosts Ron Shevlin, Cornerstone Advisors, sharing why Americans need a Fitbit of Banking. Moven CMO Karen Morgan talks their success in nudging consumers towards more responsible financial habits, and Jim Marous from the Digital Banking Report weighs in with his latest research.

Exploring New Growth Strategies

Financial services companies are always looking for new avenues for growth beyond loans, deposits, and payments. Jason Henrichs and regular contributor Ron Shevlin explore the opportunities in POS lending with Sandeep Bhandari of Affirm, Inc., while JP Nicols talks with Richard Turrin about exploring new ideas in the innovation lab and his new book Innovation Lab Excellence: #DigitalTransformation from Within

Apple + Conversational AI

Brett King and Chloé James are joined by Ron Shevlin and David Birch, discussing the launch of Apple’s credit card. Then, we delve into the world of conversational #AI with Emma Furlong, Clinc Inc. from Boston and Greg Cross, Soul Machines out of New Zealand. What will it take for conversational AI to break the uncanny valley. What progress has been made recently on AI’s for our bank account? Find out on today’s show!

East meets (South by South) West

Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols host Ron Shevlin, talking Ant Financial’s new core banking system, and Ron and Jason debate about what that means (and doesn’t mean) for banks and traditional providers of core banking technology. Then, Jason and Jean Donnelly report in from SXSW in Austin as they look in new places for some new ideas beyond the traditional banking bubble. Featuring interviews with startups Cushion.AI, Rabbet, and Steady.

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Finding Your Voice

Brett King and Jason Henrichs are joined by Jim Marous and Ron Shevlin from The Financial Brand. Penny Crosman shares the latest Fintech news. Our first guest is VoiceTech expert Brian Roemmele and Best Innovation Group‘s Elizabeth Robins talk #VoiceFirst and the huge action happening at #CES2019 in Las Vegas. Then, Jason, Jim, and Ron discuss the present and future state of marketing with futurist Alex Lightman, talking why content marketing is dead, why engagement matters, and why now is the time for thought leaders and organizations to start becoming content creators.

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The Unfulfilled Promises of Personalization

JP Nicols is joined by Jim Marous, Ron Shevlin, Penny Crosman and Chloé James, talking the hype and reality of personalization.

Add “personalization” to the list of capabilities enabled by new technologies that was supposed to revolutionize our banking experience. Did it happen already and we just missed it, or does it remain just beyond the horizon? What if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be? 

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Crypto Hijinks

In this week’s show, Brett King is back to host with American Banker’s Penny Crosman! Brett and Penny interview Michael Terpin who is suing AT&T for $224 million after hackers compromised his mobile phone and gained access to his crypto wallet. In the second half of the show, Brett interviews Luke Lombe of PlayChip, a new token ICO issue out of Australia that combines fantasy sports leagues with crypto tokens. We close with a Moment of Snark by Ron Shevlin of Cornerstone Advisors.

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Seismic Regulatory Shifts

The debate (and lawsuits) over a national fintech charter and regulatory sandboxes has been raging for years. This week the OCC announced a path for non-banks to receive charters, a plan that was endorsed by Treasury. Ron Shevlin, Jim Marous, Jackson Mueller from Milken Institute and host Jason Henrichs break down what that means for banks, fintechs and the customers they serve . In the 2nd half, co-host JP Nicols and BAI CEO Debbie Bianucci give a preview of the BAI Global Innovation Awards taking place in October at BAI’s Beacon conference.

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