Connecting with Customers in a Wireless World

Banks frequently claim their unique competitive advantage is their relationship with their customers. How do you build relationships in an increasingly saturated world and one where face to face interactions are less frequent. Jason Henrichs hosts Allie LeFevere, Obedient, talking the use of humor to build emotional connections. Nicolas Kopp, N26, shares what they’ve learned building one of the largest mobile first banks in the world.

NTT Data Sponsors Breaking Banks at Money 2020

NTT Data sponsored Breaking Banks at Money 2020 to catch a word with the movers and shakers in the Fintech industry. A lot of news was announced and we got to talk to a lot of people who are creating the next technology, expanding their ideas, and growing their companies.

Jamie Campbell, Head of Awareness, at bud Financial announced that they closed a funding round of 1.5 million of seed money!
Lucien de Voux, Director of Market Planning, Digital Economy at Lexis Nexis, came and explained how they have developed their risk analytics and what needs more attention.
Then we caught up with Hank Uberoi from Earthport, who is almost the grandfather of the fintech space and is still championing the fintech revolution.
Andrei Cherney, CEO of Aspiration, returns to the show to talk about how people can actually do well by doing good.

Laura Pratt, Founder of Token, and Alan Wunsche, Chief Token Officer, announced their creation of the first token out of Canada and the first token created in cooperation with regulators. Their platform also allows for others to create tokens of their own.

David Schropfer, CEO of Anchor ID – future proof identification came to discuss their efforts to create securable online identity.

And last, but not least, Valentin Stalf CEO of N26 and Nicolas Kopp, announced their expansion to the US, with Kopp serving as the CEO of the US business.

It was definitely a full day at Money 2020!

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