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Miss Metaverse

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Katie King (aka Miss Metaverse) is the world’s first Futurista®, one of the world’s most recognized female futurists, a techno-optimist, marketing strategist, YouTube and Podcast host and content creator, based in New York City. Fans and colleagues describe Katie as a “joyful, disruptive intellect” and “the queen of innovation.” Her background is in filmmaking, having produced and created original content for 11:11 Productions, AEG Productions, and Solaris Entertainment. Katie has collaborated on series for SPIKE, MTV, TruTV, Lifetime, Discovery, Nat Geo, and several others. She was cited as one of the world’s top female futurists by Future Exploration Network and Advanced Human Technologies. She has spoken at events around the world, from North Dakota to Abu Dhabi, on topics as diverse as the future of work, life-extension, human/robot relationships, transhumanism and the future of transportation, to name a few. In 2013, Katie created and launched the first female hosted futurist TV show called AwesomeFuture.TV (YouTube), focused on what’s going on in today’s world, tomorrow’s future and what it means for our society. She regularly appears in the media with her Futurista® take on all things tech and futurism including NBC, Reason Magazine, Le Point, IEEE Spectrum, The Tech Ranch Radio Show, The Future Now Show (for Club of Amsterdam) and Breaking Banks / Provoke.FM. Katie is also the founder of BodAI - a tech startup focused on how we’ll integrate robots as companions and robo co-workers in society meaningfully. She advises technology and media companies, and sits on the advisory boards of organizations like Humai and the Lifeboat Foundation - a non-profit focused on helping humanity survive rapid scientific advancement and the coming technology singularity. She’s currently working on her first book called Futurista® - The Guide To Staying Relevant In The Future.


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