Fintech and Dangerous Ideas: Mike Walsh

“An Idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all” – Oscar Wilde Today Brett hosts Mike Walsh with a discussion about Mike’s latest book, The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas, which explore 88 ideas in science, tech, and business that are shaping the 21st century, and how they point to dangerous ideas to come. We also have on Alex Sion, President of Moven, with news about their new app for the smartwatch and the opportunities in wearables. And Chris Skinner, Author of Digital Bank, comes on to chat about how to continue the Fintech revolution at the core of all banking systems. And to top it all off, Ron Shevlin keeps it real with his latest Moment of Snark Happy New Year and welcome back to Breaking Banks!

Organizing for the Unexpected: Mike Walsh

Technological design doesn’t exist in a vacuum: It is constantly interacting with the human imagination and thankfully that imagination leads to uses designers and brands never dreamed. Often marketing is a game of being in tune to the street instead of leading it. As Mike Walsh, a Futurist superstar, said “The Chief Marketing Officer probably has the least influence of any person in the world on creating behavioral change.” Today, Brett King spends the hour with Mike Walsh for a discussion about the unexpected uses of technology that emerge from the ground up, the changing nature of money, and how companies that want to stay relevant have to incorporate experience design in the core of their organization. They even touch on the difference between Klout and actual clout. It is an example of “Futuretainment” at its best!

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