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Marc Andrews

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Marc has led the creation of a new organization within IBM to build industry specific solutions for the financial services industry. He is driving the design, development and delivery of offerings that apply analytic and cognitive technologies to streamline regulatory compliance, combat fraud and financial crime, and generate increased customer insights. Marc has led multiple engagements with financial services firms to help them apply analytics and cognitive technologies to improve their risk and compliance capabilities.


Jun 16, 2017

Crazy Cryptocurrency and Watson fixes Regtech

No one can decide if ICOs have caused cryptocurrrencies to really "arrive" or if this is just a cryptocurrency bubble. Today, we have people to help us make sense of… LEARN MORE


Oct 28, 2016

Fintech & IBM World of Watson

This week Brett was at the IBM World of Watson talking to the scientists and engineers working on Artificial Intelligence to augment our money- to make it move faster, smarter,… LEARN MORE

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