Frictionless Digital Transformation

Brett King hosts Marc Andrews, VP of Financial Services at Pegasystems, talking Pega’s Workforce Intelligence, AI, digital transformation, and removing friction in the organization. Then, Jason Henrichs hosts Nathaniel Harley, CEO at MANTL and Chris Tremont, EVP of Virtual Banking at Radius Bank, discussing the benefits and challenges of partnerships between fintechs and banks.

Crazy Cryptocurrency and Watson fixes Regtech

No one can decide if ICOs have caused cryptocurrrencies to really “arrive” or if this is just a cryptocurrency bubble.
Today, we have people to help us make sense of it all.  Dave Birch, Author of Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin is going to tell us why Bitcoin is not the savior we think it is, but it kinda is.
We have on Charlie Shrem and Anthony Di Iorio from Jaxx  Blockchain Interface-  a multi-token blockchain wallet to take us through the ICO madness, and what we can expect in the near future.  And we have Marc Hochstein from American Banker on to talk about why he was wrong about bitcoin.

Also-  Marc Andrews, VP of Watson Financial Services Solutions explains how the famed AI-  IBM Watson- is going to augment and fix with their new regtech cognitive solutions suite.

Fintech & IBM World of Watson

This week Brett was at the IBM World of Watson talking to the scientists and engineers working on Artificial Intelligence to augment our money- to make it move faster, smarter, better.  He even had a chat with Watson itself.

He also jumped at the chance to talk to David Brin, the author of Earth and Existence, about whether the future is hopeful, dark, and what he thinks the banking industry is poised to become.

You don’t want to miss this show!

We want to thank IBM for access to World of Watson Conference in Las Vegas.  Banking Analytics, combined with cognitive computing, provides you the ability to segment your customers and know each one as an individual in real time. To learn how you can turn data into insights with IBM Customer Insight for Banking visit  #spon 

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