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Lynn Teo

Head of User Experience and Creative Director, CA Technologies

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Lynn is a seasoned experience design industry leader with 15+ years experience spanning web/interactive agencies, research labs, global marketing and advertising firms, startups and educational institutions. Her specialties are web/mobile products, service design, and experience strategy supporting cross-channel ecosysteems. Lynn’s overarching mission is to create positive, rewarding and holistic customer experiences. As Head of User Experience and Creative Director in several NYC-based agencies previously, she created blended SoLoMo digital experiences that combine e-commerce, content and social engagement. She is active in the NY startup community offering mentorship in lifestyle products and services, and social/community-based experiences. In her free time, she also mentors young women in design and techology. Lynn is an active public speaker at both large and small events. She holds an MA from Carnegie Mellon University. Follow @Lynn_Teo on twitter


Jul 25, 2013

FinTech Design: Build the Necessary and Useful

We are now in a time when interface is a more common experience than face to face. It is faster, easier, and simpler… or at least it should be. Banks… LEARN MORE

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