Sibos 2016: Fintech on the Main Stage

JP Nicols hosts this very special episode where we take you into the Sibos Geneva Conference center to talk to a few of the people here that are pushing for innovation.

Guests that are joining JP are Eric Van der Kleij with Kickstart Accelerator, Lawrence Wintermeyer with Innovate Finance, Gene Neyer with D+H, Duena Blomstrom, Liz Lumley, Marcus Gnirck, and Michael Ryan, the hero of Innotribe with Jimmy Monkey Coffee on hand to keep them all going!

UK is “All In” for FinTech

Handling other people’s money requires security and lawfulness, which means that governments often have to intervene with regulations. But regulations are often cited as stifling to innovation, which is the motivating purpose behind FinTech. In the EU, particularly in the UK, the government has worked with the industry to foster FinTech growth while maintaining stable and secure money policies. Today on Breaking Banks, guest host Chris Skinner (author of Digital Bank) talks with Lawrence Wintermeyer, Chief Officer of Innovate Finance about their work with the UK Government to write regulation that helps FinTech flourish. Also, Simon Taylor, VP of Entrepreuneurial Partnerships at Barclays. and David Brear, Chief Thinker, Think Different Group and Pascale Spelier, Managing Consultant Digital Customer Experience at Capgemini Consulting will be talking about changes in the EU that foster FinTech solutions.

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