Innovate Finance Global Summit 2017

Innovate Finance Global Summit has become a must attend event in the world of FinTech. This year was no exception, and Breaking Banks teamed with the Innovate Finance Team to create an episode that brings you some of the important thinking that was presented at the conference.
Brett took time away from his presentation and his judging the Pitch 360 event that Innovate Finance has started to highlight Fintech Startups and spoke with some of the main presenters of the conference.
Dave Birch joins to host. Guests include Ruth Wandhofer, Global Head of Regulatory at Citi; Mike Blalock, General Manager of Intel FSI; Poppy Gustafsson, EMEA CEO of Darktrace; Will Beeson, CEO of Civilised Bank and host of ReBank Podcast; Paul Taylor, CEO of Thought Machine; and Kosta Peric from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Global Goals with the UN- End Poverty

The UN Global Goals outline 17 goals to End Poverty, Fight Inequality and Injustice, and Fix Climate Change. As you wonder about each of them, you realize that all of the goals are interdependent. Today, on Breaking Banks we are focusing on organizations that are exploring FinTech as a means to financial inclusion. Brett talks with Jen Tescher, CSFI ( and Scott McCormack of Social Money ( about their efforts here and abroad to increase opportunities to save and build security. We also talk to Kosta Peric and David Lubinski of the Gates Foundation about their efforts as part of the Foundations FSP team ( and their work in Pakistan and Nigeria. And we have on Sam Maule of the Digital Finance Institute and Alan Grundy of to discuss how we can use FinTech to aid in the Syrian refugee crisis.

Favorite Fintech Things

it is the end of an explosive year in Fintech and we at Breaking Banks wanted to compile some of our favorite interviews to review all the amazing things happening in our industry around the globe. This is the producer’s cut (ie, our host Brett helped, but let me make the final decisions. Don’t worry, I won’t let the power go to my head, We will be doing a hosts cut soon!) So, please enjoy revisiting our interviews with Chris Withers of IBM, author James Barrat, Kosta Peric with the Gates Foundation, Ben Lyon with Kopa Kopa, and the Fintech super teams from New York and London..

Live From Sibos Innotribe

This week Breaking Banks is coming to you from Innotribe within the SIBOS conference – the world’s largest financial services conference and exhibition in the world. Host Brett King was doing interviews on the floor of Sibos, live at the Innotribe space, talking to the most promising and authoritative innovators and instigators that are forcing the banking system into the digital age. In this episode we discussed #cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Foundation, #financialinclusion with Microsoft and the Gates Foundation, the #networkeffect with author Peter Hinssen, the Future of Money with Anthemis’ Uday Goyal, the latest in #p2plending, #socialspending, #productintelligence with the finalists of the SWIFT Innotribe startup challenge! It was a huge week at Innotribe and if this #BreakingBanks episode is anything to go by, the future of banking disruption is just getting started…

Transparency: The Digital Virtue

With the financial crisis of 2008, banks and bankers have suffered a dearth of trust from customers and regulators alike. Consumers have insisted on more transparency in the financial system. The good news is that this is good business. With the new digital tools, transparency is a win-win for financial institutions internally and for their customers. Brett hosts SunTec Groups’s CEO, Nandu Kumar and VP Gordon Gray to talk about why the banks should be embracing the new possibilities that transparency provides and the new engagement in trust that customers deserve. Also this week- Kosta Peric with the Gates Foundation returns to announce grant contests for the Grand Challenges Exploration: And Andrew Hill talks about the exciting Financial Times Bracken Bower Prize:

A Penny Saved (in a bank) is a Penny Earned

An axiom of banking is that access to the financial system is universally beneficial. Once people have bank accounts, they begin to save and their long term financial health improves. But the current financial situation in the US has changed customer’s outlooks on what is beneficial and beyond their means, and the financial crisis and has created a more permanent crisis of confidence in the financial industry. Meanwhile, developing nations have struggled to increase overall access to banking for their working poor, and found huge infrastructure barriers. But today, technology, particularly mobile, has paved ways allowing for greater access than ever before. In the developing world, mobile phones outnumber toilets. The opportunity to help consumers take advantage of participating in the financial system, and the subsequent rewards of that, has never been greater. But can banking be flexible enough to recognize this opportunity, and if it can’t, do we need traditional banking in order to help consumers gain greater financial inclusion? Today, Brett will be speaking to Kosta Peric, Deputy Director of Financial Services for the Poor at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and to Jennifer Tescher, President & CEO, The Center for Financial Services Innovation about the exciting developments to help the poor gain greater access and how technology could be the key to greater inclusion.

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