Breaking Banks: Jordan Lampe

Jordan Lampe

Lead- Communications and Policy, Dwolla

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Lampe leads communication, policy, and public affairs at Dwolla, an Iowa-based network and platform for ACH and real-time bank transfers. A vocal and active member in the payments and banking communities, Jordan was elected by the financial technology sector to serve as a steering committee representative on the FederalReserve’s Faster Payments Task Force. The Fed-sanctioned initiative is charged with identifying new approaches for a national faster payment system. Jordan currently serves as special member on the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council and is a founding member of the Internet Freedom Business Alliance. Lampe’s previous work includes agency and international relation experience. He is a graduate of Iowa State University.


Sep 23, 2016


Today Brett is talking about "Cardmageddon", as our co-host for today's episode- Dave Birch- refers to the moment when other types of payments outpace card payments.   We are talking… LEARN MORE

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