Blockchain is essential to the Fintech revolution

Bitcoin has often been dismissed as the currency of criminals and frauds, but those in the FinTech space have thought differently for a long time. Even when they didn’t defend bitcoin explicitly, the interest in blockchain has only grown. And bitcoin is performing better against the US dollar than any other currency. This week, Brett explores the growth of bitcoin and blockchain, further investigating the possibilities with Michael J. Casey from the MIT Media Lab (and our blockchain correspondent ;)), Chris Skinner of FSCL, who is starting a VC fund for blockchain startups, Brock Pierce and Bart Stephens, Managing Partners of Blockchain Capital and Jeremy Allaire of Circle. Jim Marous of The Financial Brand will also join the discussion.

FinTech 2016- What’s Next

Today, Brett has Jim Marous, co-publisher of the Financial Brand and a Breaking Banks regular on the show to talk about expectations for 2016. We also have Jesse Podell, a mentor at Startupbootcamp Fintech talking to us about what is happening at CES and Ian Kar from Quartz telling us all about ApplePay in China and the possibilities when they enter P2P markets. And then Ben Miller from Fundrise, the initial real estate investment site to utilize crowdfunding, about the growth and appeal of real estate investment and the ability of crowdfunding to democratize entry into it.

Bye Bye Banks

Despite all the evidence of disruption, there are still many retail banks and credit unions that are resisting the changes that technology are making in the financial system. If they fail to see the signs, they are in hot water. Today, Brett talks with James Haycock, Co-Author of “Bye Bye Banks” to discuss the rapid pace of disruption and what it means for many financial institutions. Also will have on Lisa Kuhn Phillips, Founder of Inavision about working to transform financial institutions. Brett also catches up with Giles Andrews, CEO of Zopa about their amazing billion dollar milestone! And Jim Marous will be talking about why banks must go to digital account opening, and his Digital Banking Report.

Fintech in Vegas

Today, we are coming to you from the Financial Brand Forum where our host Brett King is talking to some of the most influential thought leaders in banking or FinTech. We are talking to Josh Reich- CEO of Simple, Jim Marous- The Financial Brands lead banking blogger, Ron Shevlin- author of Smarter Bank and Snarketing 2.0, James Robert lay and others!

Context Rules: Robert Scoble

As this is the last episode of Breaking Banks before the end of the year, we wanted to make sure it had plenty of food for thought. And we just want to say- Be prepared to FEAST! We are fully loaded with a great show. On this episode, our host Brett King talks with geek-famous blogger Robert Scoble, one of the authors of “Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy”, Poynt Founder and CEO, Osama Bedier, Pierre Castagne and Fabrice Aresu from Luxoft, and our regulars Jim Marous from the Financial Brand and JP Nicols with Bank Innovators Council. We are also finishing off with A Moment of Snark from Ron Shevlin.

King vs. King- Fintech Mafia

For our first show on both the VoiceAmericaTRN and WVNJ 1160AM Radio, Bankwide’s Mike King is heisting the hosting chair and turning the tables on Brett King this week. Tune in to hear our favorite southern gentleman asks our favorite Aussie about his vision of the #finserv and #fintech. We will also hear updates from Dave Birch from Hyperian Consulting, Jim Marous of The Financial Brand, and “Insane” Andy McLean (@insansemclean) talking about bitcoin business troubles in New Zealand!

FinTech Overview- Anniversary 1

Can you believe we have already done a this show for a whole year? We can’t either. We thought a great way to celebrate was to review all the innovation in the past year with some of our most loyal commentators! On today’s show we have an all star cast on the trends and innovations in Banking. Brett will be hosting Ron Shevlin from Snarketing 2.O, Brad Leimer from Mechanics Bank, Dave Birch from Consult Hyperion, Chris Skinner with The Financial Services Club, Alex Sion from Moven, and Jim Marous from The Financial Brand. Join us for what will be an unforgettable episode!

FinTech: Earning Consumers Attention

Today’s empowered consumers represent an interesting paradox. On one hand, there has never been more ways to reach them. On the other hand, it’s never been harder to truly engage these highly mobile, socially connected, financially astute consumers. According to just released research, the consumption of content on mobile devices is now exceeding online channels, with consumers usually multitasking with either their smartphone or tablet while doing other activities. How can we possibly get their attention in such an environment? Join Brett King as he welcomes Andy Lark,Chief Marketing & Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Jim Marous, financial services industry advisor and publisher of the Retail Banking Strategies section of The Financial Brand as they discuss how to break through the clutter and get the attention of today’s digital consumer. They will share strategies used by banks globally including new mobile applications, new marketing strategies and how social media can be leveraged to engage a consumer. They will also share some ways big data can be leveraged to deliver highly personalized short-form videos directly to customers that can educate, engage and sell. Don’t miss this fast-paced show that will get your attention about how to get your customer’s attention

The Crystal Ball for 2014 says…

What kind of futurist show would be be if we didn’t talk about what changes this year will bring to Fintech and banking in general?? To talk about the trends and innovations from this year Brett will be chatting with two notable speakers and authority on financial marketing and strategic solutions in the banking guests Chris Skinner, Author of Digital Bank and Chair of The Financial Services Club, and Jim Marous of New Control Direct and Digital and publisher of the popular Bank Marketing Strategy Blog. The show is live so tweet #breakingbanks or call us with questions!

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