Breaking Banks: Greg Gormley

Greg Gormley

Co-Founder and COO, Bink

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Greg Gormley, FCAA has over 20 years experience operating with large corporates. He started at Newscorp’s technology division and rose to be the Business Development Director and then became the EMEA Finance Director. He left Newscorp for CME TV to be their Head of Operations and Strategy, a role which required him to work with venture capitalists across Eastern Europe. In 2004, he then left to create his own management consultancy and venture capitalist fund. And in 2014, he and Lee Clarke co-founded Bink. Bink wants to redefine loyalty for the digital wallet, and make life simple and rewarding for all.


Mar 01, 2018

Bink: Redesigning Loyalty for Digital Wallets

Today, Brett talks with Bink co-founder Greg Gormley and Bink CCO Mike Jordan about loyalty programs now that digital wallets are becoming more ubiquitous. Bink wants to redefine loyalty for… LEARN MORE

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