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George Burke

Founder/COO, Aqua Foundation

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Founder/COO of AQUA.Foundation: the first blockchain-based biotech research crowdfunding platform for fractionalizing intellectual property rights as tradable tokens. - Serial tech-founder with 3 exits. - Created first working bitcoin debit card prototype. - Signed first cryptocurrency debit card US banking contract in 2014. - Early crypto investor: Pre-sales for Ethereum, Factom, MaidSafe, Storjcoin X, more. - Built largest biohacking organization: SF Peak Performance. - Co-founder @ FUEL: hyper-personalized nutrition. - Published in Men’s Health & GQ. - 500 Startups graduate.


Oct 05, 2017

ICO's are Hot! Can they include more people in investing?

Since the first Initial Coin Offering in March 2017, ICO's have taken off as the latest greatest way to raise venture capital. ICO's offer exciting potential for financial inclusion. Current… LEARN MORE

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