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Gabe Sukenik

CEO/ Founder, MorphToken

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Gabe Sukenik is the cofounder of Morph Token, an instant crypto portfolio exchange. After working in politics, and then NYC Real Estate Brokerage, he eventually discovered Bitcoin, and his gradual interest and hobby turned into obsession, and eventually profession. Gabe developed his start-up chops joining Coinapult as their first employee in 2013, and eventually served as CEO. Now as the cofounder of Morph Token, Gabe is excited to keep growing the crypto ecosystem.

Twitter @Gabecoin @MorphToken
What is MorphToken?
MorphToken is an instant crypto portfolio exchange that allows users to convert one coin to another, or into many coins, with a single transaction.


Dec 01, 2017

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Bitcoin is soaring. It has reached the $10,000 USD milestone, but many people are wondering if this is a bubble or just the beginning. LEARN MORE

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