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Duena Blomstrom

Author and Speaker, PeopleNotTech

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#FinTech Analyst & #Digital Experience Strategy Designer - #FinServ25, #NextBank100, Top 10 CityAM Power Influencer, Top 3 most influential women in the City, ex CMO & Head of Sales for Meniga, Mentor, Speaker, Blogger and Angel Investor Duena is currently an independent Digital Experience consultant, FinTech specialist, an entrepreneur and an Angel Investor, a mentor for Startupbootcamp and Techstars, a blogger with cutting edge opinion style, a public speakers at industry events, the inventor of the Emotional Banking, EX and Bank Branding concepts and for the past 18 years has been in the the Telco and the Finance world on the strategy and consulting side, be it for sales or marketing. Most recently, Duena has been the Head of Sales and Marketing for Meniga from when it was a tiny Icelandic start-up to winning Finovate 3 times and becoming market leader in customer engagement in finance and has therefore “seen it all” in digital by closely working with banks such as Skandia, ING Spain, ING Australia, Momentum, CSOB, CBD, CheBanca, Unicredit, Saastopanki, Commertzbank, Comdirect, BNP Paribas, Lloyds, Nationwide, Standard Bank, Intesa, mBank and Santander. With a background in Psychology as well as Business, Duena is on a crusade to teach corporations that Big-4-wooden-language is dangeours; she is passionate about getting FIs to think of the concept of “Emotional Banking” or how to stop thinking feature set and start thinking customer’s feelings; and she is interested in all things at the intersection of technology, innovation and behavioural science and a fervent proponent of changing culture to make experience design part of the organisations’ DNA.


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