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David del Ser

Director, Catalyst Fund

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David is Director of Inclusive Fintech, which supports and promotes tech-enablement in the financial sector, and reaches beyond the financial services sector to other tech-related businesses and social investors. David is also the founder of Frogtek, a business which provides app-based technology to enable small retailers in developing countries with better business tools. Frogtek was recently listed by the Wall Street Journal as having built one of five apps bringing the next billion online. David brings world class high tech skills in growing areas of to BFA to expand the company vision.


Oct 05, 2017

ICO's are Hot! Can they include more people in investing?

Since the first Initial Coin Offering in March 2017, ICO's have taken off as the latest greatest way to raise venture capital. ICO's offer exciting potential for financial inclusion. Current… LEARN MORE

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