Oh, The Humanity!

It’s unclear whether we are in the midst of a digital revolution or traffic jam. Chris Skinner, fintech pundit and author of the recently released Digital Human, and Michael Ventura, CEO of design agency Sub Rosa and author of Applied Empathy, join host Jason Henrichs and co-host Colleen Wilson to discuss the role of the human in a digitized, AI driven, mobile first, blockchain world and the fact both digital and human interactions are hard to get right.

Digital Human

Chris Skinner joins host Brett King and co-host JP Nicols to talk about his new book Digital Human: The Fourth Revolution of Humanity Includes Everyone. Chris says technology is changing the way we talk, trade and transact. We are now interfacing with technology whenever we do business, make friends, and go about our lives. What does this mean for business, banking, society and government? We continue that talk with Bruce Parker, CEO of Modo Payments as he talks about how they are building a better, faster way to connect payment systems.

200 Episodes of Fintech!

We are celebrating our 200th episode today!   Brett is hosting Chris Skinner, Dave Birch, and Sam Maule  (all show regulars) to discuss how much has changed since we launched in May of 2013 and how much has stayed the same.   On the discussion table are:  alipay, Jack Ma, blockchain, AI, building a true digital system, payments, financial inclusion, and favorite guests and lessons from the previous 199 episodes.   It is all wrapped up in a Moment of Snark from Ron Shevlin.

All we need now is one of JP Nicols  Fintech Bingo cards, and our listening would be complete!

Fintech Revolution: Change our thinking!

Today we have a huge treat from the EFMA Distribution Summit 2017 in London this week. We are able to broadcast 2 presentations from premiere thought leaders and voices within Fintech- Jim Marous and Chris Skinner.

For those coming to the websites, we are including a really GREAT bonus of Chris and Jim on a panel.   These are two of the smartest, best, and wittiest voices in the business and you won’t want to miss the panel.

The show is a special gift from these two incredible speakers and we want to say thank you to them and the #EfmaDS17 conference.

Brett at CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

Brett starts today with a news rundown with Chris Skinner of The Finanser.com and Penny Crosman, Editor, American Banker

Then, we take you to the CES main floor to talk to best selling author Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Michael Hafner- Head of Mercedes Benz Autonomous and Assisted Driving Systems, Melisa Cefkin- Principle Scientist for Nissan Research Centre, and Itoki Fujita- Mitsubishi 3D point mapping technology.

Breaking Down Blockchain: Identity & Security; part 5/5

This is the last of our 5 part series Breaking Down Blockchain and we are wrapping it up with a discussion on digital Identity and Security.

Brett King is again joined by Chris Skinner (thefinanser.com/) and this week they talk to Dave Birch at Consult Hyperion; Usha Krishnan from ChainGenie.com; David Sonstebo, Founder of IOTA; David Horton, Head of Innovation at Synechron, and Bailey Reutzel, Author of MoneyTripping and regular contributor to Coindesk and American Banker.

Breaking Down Blockchain: Cool Apps and Pushback; part 4/5

Brett King is again joined by Chris Skinner to host our fourth installment of our special Breaking Down Blockchain series. They are joined by Bart Stephens, Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital, George Samman, writer of sammantics.com and blockchain consultant, and Wayne Vaughan, CEO of Tierion to discuss cool applications and the pushback on the blockchain.

Also joined by Joe Ziemer, Director of Communications and Policy at Betterment with news about their partnership with Uber.

Breaking Down Blockchain: Smart Assets; part 3/5

Brett King and Chris Skinner continue our series: Breaking Down Blockchain. This week, we are looking at other sectors related uses of blockchain, like healthtech, biotech, trade, and energy. Joining them are Bailey Reutzel, author of Moneytripping; Michael Casey, Senior Advisor, MIT Media Lab, Digital Currency Initiative; Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO of Everledger; Abraham Cambridge, Founder and CEO of The Sun Exchange; and Vasily Suvarov, VP of Technology Strategy at Luxoft.

Also, payments expert Brian Roemmele and Senior Editor of Bank Innovation, Philip Ryan, join to talk about ApplePay vs. Australia’s Banks. 🙂

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