My Voice Is My Password

Brett King hosts Brian Roemmele, sharing an update on Alexa’s new range of voice activated appliances, and Dmitry Malyanov, Co-Founder of AdHive. Then, we’re joined by Daniel Abrahams, CEO of

Painless Frictionless Investing

One of the aims of Fintech is to lower the price of access to services that were once considered the province of the well-to-do.
In 2015, Brandon Krieg noticed that there was a large swath of the public that were underserved in investing. They either didn’t know how to start, or didn’t have the assets to make investing a priority. And they considered meeting an advisor too costly or beyond their means. He decided to found Stash, a mobile app that takes the pain out of entry into investing.

Today, Brett King, Ron Shevlin, Brian Roemmele, and Brandon Krieg talk about why or how that population is underserved, and what Stash is doing to create a comfortable frictionless point of entry for investing.

Also, we will be talking to Travis Dulaney- member of the Fed’s Faster and Secure Payments taskforce about why 2018 is the year that adoption will exponentially increase across the US.

Bitcoin: Bubble or Just Beginning

Bitcoin is soaring, both in price and in imagination.  It captured enough pop culture attention that the Big Bang Theory- with 12.6 million viewers in the US alone- featured it prominently in this week’s episode.

Along with that, it has reached the $10,000 USD milestone, and is now acting as a digital asset. Steve Wozniak spoke at the Money 2020 conference and explained that Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold or USD because it is finite and mathematical, so it is constant. But with the spike in value, many people are wondering if this is a bubble or just the beginning.

Today, Brett hosts 4 experts in bitcoin:
Brian Roemmele- renaissance man, entrepreneur, and payments expert.
Bailey Reutzel- US Editor of Coin Desk.
Gabe Sukenik- the founder of Morph Token, an instant crypto portfolio exchange.
Suleman Din is a technology editor at SourceMedia’s American Banker and Financial Planning.

NTT Data presents Breaking Banks at Money 2020 pt 2

NTT Data sponsored Breaking Banks at Money 2020 to catch a word with the movers and shakers in the Fintech industry. In this second part we are talking to some of our favorite presenters at Money 2020.

We start with Brian Roemmele, a huge pioneer in the #Voicefirst movement, who talks to us about how the natural interface of voice will change commerce and everything around it.

Then we talk to Rob Heiser and Boxley Llewellyn from IBM/ Segmint partnership and their new data insights platform.

Then we talk to Dana Nino at GeoSwift and the incredible movements in cross-border payments, particularly in and out of China.

And we finish with a conversation between Brett and Andrew Morris, Chief Content Officer for Money 2020.

Apple Announcement, Alternative Data, and Finovate Insights

Brett King hosts Brian Roemmele as he phones in from the Apple headquarters to tell us all about Apples new iPhone8, iPhoneX and what those innovations could mean for how we think about security and identity.
Then he talks to Luke Jacobi and Adam Zientarski from Benzinga and their thoughts on alternative data in the credit and security landscape. And then he wanders around Fintech Week NYC talking to Melanie Shapiro from Token, Julie Godfrey from Samsung, and Pascal Bouvier from Santander. And he finishes up with a fan- Mahesh Raghavan!

Faster Payments with Fintech

The Faster Payments Task Force of the Federal Reserve  just released its final report with proposals to be adopted by 2020.   Today, Ron Shevlin hosts a member of that task force-  Travis Dulaney, Founder and CEO of Push Payments.   James Wester, Research Director of Worldwide Payment Strategies at IDC will also being joining to discuss the 10 different proposals, the future of banking, and the idea of virtual accounts vs legacy accounts.

Also, we are talking about #VoicePay and #AmazonPay with Brian Roemmele.

Julie Conroy, from Aite Group, talks to Ron about the new uses of AI and how it will enhance faster payments and assist fraud prevention accuracy.

Alexa was sexiest at CES

One of the presences most strongly felt at CES was Alexa, Amazon’s voice activated assistant. According to a study done by NTT Data, *she* is currently the most quickly adopted Artificial Intelligence.

This week we are exploring AI adoption in the home, and why AI is so powerful in the payments space with Brian Roemmele, payments expert and Payfinder founder. Normand Lepine from NTT Data is here to talk about their latest study:

Also joining the show- Lalita Clozel from American Banker is talking about the Fintech Forum that was held in DC and the new regulatory expectations. And Sam Hodges, Managing Director of Funding Circle, tells us about their latest raise and their new opportunities.

And we want to make sure our listeners all have a taste of Sam Maule’s new podcast, Fintech5, so we are bringing you his episode with tech pioneer and visionary, Brian Solis!


Today Brett is talking about “Cardmageddon”, as our co-host for today’s episode- Dave Birch- refers to the moment when other types of payments outpace card payments.   We are talking about where it will, when it will, and how it will happen.  

Joining Brett and Dave today is Jordan Lampe, Communications Director of Dwolla with an announcement, and payments experts Brian Roemmele, Faisal Kahn, and Rafael Otero.  

Breaking Down Blockchain: Smart Assets; part 3/5

Brett King and Chris Skinner continue our series: Breaking Down Blockchain. This week, we are looking at other sectors related uses of blockchain, like healthtech, biotech, trade, and energy. Joining them are Bailey Reutzel, author of Moneytripping; Michael Casey, Senior Advisor, MIT Media Lab, Digital Currency Initiative; Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO of Everledger; Abraham Cambridge, Founder and CEO of The Sun Exchange; and Vasily Suvarov, VP of Technology Strategy at Luxoft.

Also, payments expert Brian Roemmele and Senior Editor of Bank Innovation, Philip Ryan, join to talk about ApplePay vs. Australia’s Banks. 🙂

FinTech and Voice Payments

Voice recognition is the most invisible computer interface. With the popularity of the Amazon Echo, fintechs and banks are both looking at the new possibilities to serve their customers.
Today, Brett has on Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital Officer of TD Bank, to chat about the TD/Moven partnership and some of the exciting things they have worked on together. And then we are joined by Brian Roemmele, and expert in ApplePay, and part of the “Around the Coin” podcast team and Mary Wisniewski, writer at BankThink for American Banker about the new possibilities and strides in voice payments.

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