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Bill Barhydt

CEO & Founder, Abra

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Bill's passion is information technology and how it can be used to improve people's lives. Prior to Abra, he co-founded Boom Financial, where he also serves as Chairman. He gave the first TED talk on Bitcoin in 2012, and serves as an advisor and mentor to Boost.VC, a Bitcoin-focused incubator fund. Bill won the Technology Pioneer Award from the World Economic Forum in 2000 for his work at WebSentric, the first online meeting service that required no software install, and has consulted to federal and international regulators on the impact of digital currencies and decentralized transaction systems. In addition to co-founding and advising multiple start-ups, including m-Via, Sennari, Plaxo and KnowNow, Bill worked for Goldman Sachs, NASA and the CIA.

Brett and David Birch host Michael J Casey and Wall Street Journal's Paul Vigna, talking their new book The Truth Machine: Blockchain and the Future of Everything. #fintech #finance #blockchain #financialtechnology #financialservices #banking #bank #futureofwork


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