The Truth About Blockchain

Welcome to Blockchain Month on Breaking Banks – the first global fintech podcast! On today’s show, Brett and David Birch host Michael J Casey and Wall Street Journal’s Paul Vigna, talking their new book The Truth Machine: Blockchain and the Future of Everything. Also returning is Bill Bardhyt to talk about the latest developments in Abra’s global money transfer business.

Removing Mystery of Money Movement

Why does it cost so much to move money?   If every record is computerized, if all the movement is recorded electronically- then why the fees to get money out of a different banks atm? Why the fees to spend your money in another country?  Is it that expensive to move money?  And does it need to be anymore?

On today’s show, Brett King hosts Bill Barnhydt of Abra, and Shachar Bialick of Curve- two fintech companies trying to solve this issue, making it better, cheaper and smarter to use your money where you are and how you need.

Also, Penny Crosman joins from American Banker, to give the news overview.

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