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Bailey Reutzel

Author/ Podcast Host, MoneyTripping/ Blockheads

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From a small town in the Missouri Bootheel, I headed to the East Coast in early 2012 to cover the financial services sector. For nearly three years I’ve focused on emerging payment technology, specifically Bitcoin and other blockchain developments with PaymentsSource and American Banker. I’m currently Moneytripping, blogging about the philosophy of money/value while driving the contiguous U.S. 48.


Dec 01, 2017

Bitcoin: Bubble or Just Beginning

Bitcoin is soaring. It has reached the $10,000 USD milestone, but many people are wondering if this is a bubble or just the beginning. LEARN MORE


Sep 01, 2016

Breaking Down Blockchain: Identity & Security; part 5/5

This is the last of our 5 part series Breaking Down Blockchain and we are wrapping it up with a discussion on digital Identity and Security. Brett King is again… LEARN MORE


Aug 18, 2016

Breaking Down Blockchain: Smart Assets; part 3/5

Brett King and Chris Skinner continue our series: Breaking Down Blockchain. This week, we are looking at other sectors related uses of blockchain, like healthtech, biotech, trade, and energy. Joining… LEARN MORE


Aug 11, 2016

Breaking Down Blockchain: The Smarter Ledger; part 2/5

Brett King is again joined by Chris Skinner, Author of Value Web, to co-host our second episode on our 5 week series delving deep into the blockchain. This week, we… LEARN MORE

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