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Amanda Stanhaus

Creator/ Chief Coversational Economist, XO, Bettie

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Having lived in five different cities since 2009, Amanda has won over new colleagues, team members, and friends alike with her personable professionalism. Her success is accredited to her ability to work independently, as well as a team minion; in all cases, Amanda draws upon various resources and teams to get the job done. Amanda is idealistic and realistic. Whether Amanda forms an idea organically or flags a problem, her innovation and application work hand-in-hand to bring her vision to reality. Amanda’s favorite questions to ask include: How was your weekend? How may I help? What will this look like? Does this make sense?


Mar 26, 2015

ApplePay: Woes and Wins

No one seriously disagrees that the recent Apple Pay credit card fraud stems from the security of the sixteen digit credit card number. But there are serious disagreements about whose… LEARN MORE


Oct 09, 2014

Millennials and Money

Millennials present a huge generational tidal shift and therefore a lot of opportunity for those that can tap into how they think and what appeals to them. For banks, this… LEARN MORE

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