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Aldo de Jong

Co-Founder, Claro Partners & Startupbootcamp IOT & Data

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Helping corporations and startups accross the world to navigate disruptive change. We deliver business model innovation and service design in the context of big shifts like the personal data economy, new models of ownership, value exchange networks, collaborative consumption and internet of things (IoT). I am a strategist with a strong analytical capability and business acumen, coupled with creativity and passion for understanding people. I understand what it takes to take an initiative through the organization to the marketplace. Prior to founding Claro, I worked at Smart Design and General Electric. I hold an MBA from IESE and MSc Chemical Engineering. At Claro we believe the world is currently going through a series of fundamental shifts. Some are obvious, others are almost invisible. We examine these disruptive changes in society and business to identify opportunities to create new value. By balancing contextual inquiry, inspired creativity and business strategy, we translate deep insights into meaningful and relevant solutions that serve people’s needs and drive real business growth. See for more information.


Sep 24, 2015

Bitcoin, P2P, and the Digital Native

It is official- Millennials are now the biggest consumer generation. And digital natives have more options than ever before, and exercise their options to find the services that meet their… LEARN MORE

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