Mar 01, 2018

Bink: Redesigning Loyalty for Digital Wallets

Today, Brett talks with Bink co-founder Greg Gormley and Bink CCO Mike Jordan about loyalty programs now that digital wallets are becoming more ubiquitous. Bink wants to redefine loyalty for… LEARN MORE


Feb 17, 2018

Blockchain and Cannabis: Transparency, Efficiency, and Trust

The financial issues of the burgeoning marijuana industry highlight some very important problems for a lot of small businesses in the United States. First, it is cash heavy, which make… LEARN MORE

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May 03, 2018

5 Years Of Breaking Banks

Brett and JP Nicols celebrate 5 years of our #podcast joined by the one and only Jim Marous, sharing a preview of his Banks + #Fintech report. We are launching… LEARN MORE


On this episode, Jason Henrichs hosts Theodora Lau and Brad Leimer talking fintech for aging. Then, we're joined by two startups in the space, Heather Holmes of Genivity and Marci Lobel-Esrig of SilverBills. Listen now on Breaking Banks - the #1 global fintech podcast


Aug 16, 2018

Fintech: Banking's Anti-Aging Cream

Startups and incumbent institutions alike focus their digital efforts on Millennials. This generation is digitally native, but does that make everyone else a digital deadbeat? Far from it! Fintech is… LEARN MORE

On this episode, U.S. attorney Dara Tarkowski and UK-based Dave Birch joins hosts JP Nicols and Jason Henrichs talking the recent OCC decision on non-bank charters. Listen now on Breaking Banks - the #1 global fintech podcast


Aug 09, 2018

Regulatory Aftershocks

By popular demand, we continue last week’s robust debate over the seismic regulatory shifts potentially created by a national fintech charter. This week, the aftershocks roll in as hosts JP… LEARN MORE

PODCAST #249 - Breaking Banks with Brett King - Jason Henrichs hosts Jim Marous, Ron Shevlin and Jackson Mueller from Milken Institute talking the OCC announcing a path for non-banks to receive charters - Listen to all episodes on - Breaking Banks is the #1 global fintech podcast


Aug 02, 2018

Seismic Regulatory Shifts

The debate (and lawsuits) over a national fintech charter and regulatory sandboxes has been raging for years. This week the OCC announced a path for non-banks to receive charters, a… LEARN MORE


Jul 26, 2018

Fintech Without Borders

Brett and Jason talk with guests around the globe about trends in fintech and how these advances will spread region to region. Jason is joined by Amit Goel, Chief Strategy… LEARN MORE

Listen to our interview with Leslie Campisi, CMO of Anthemis Group on Breaking Banks #fintech #podcast #fintechnews #banking #finserv #financialservices #technology #financialtechnology #banks #finance


Jul 19, 2018

The Tilted Field

Host Jason Henrichs and regular contributors Ron Shevlin and Jim Marous break down data on the digital arms race. The top 3 banks posted record deposit growth while a recent… LEARN MORE


Jul 12, 2018

RegTech Hits Its Stride

In this episode, we explore the massive RegTech changes taking place. While banks have their challenges, the changes regulators will need to go through over the next decade or so… LEARN MORE

Listen to our interview with international best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson and Harry "Doc" Kloor, creator of the Avatar XPRIZE on Breaking Banks - the first global fintech podcast http://www. #fintech #futurism #creativefuturism #technews #scifi #sciencefiction #emergingtech #futurist #xprize #future


Jul 05, 2018

Creative Futurism

Brett King hosts two legends in science-fiction and futurism, international best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson and Harry "Doc" Kloor, talking their upcoming projects and sharing their futurist views on emerging… LEARN MORE


Jun 28, 2018

Taming the Student Loan Beast

Student loan debt now totals $1.5 Trillion, second only to mortgage debt, and it’s a crushing burden for many. JP Nicols welcomes FinTech Sandbox Executive Director Jean Donnelly as a… LEARN MORE

Listen to our interview with Michael Ventura, CEO of design agency Sub Rosa and author of Applied Empathy on Breaking Banks #fintech #leadership #banking #financialservices #designagency #digitzation #AI #blockchain #futureofwork #finserv #digitaltransformation #technology #technews #finance #mobilefirst


Jun 21, 2018

Oh, The Humanity!

It’s unclear whether we are in the midst of a digital revolution or traffic jam. Chris Skinner, fintech pundit and author of the recently released Digital Human, and Michael Ventura,… LEARN MORE

Listen to our interview with Mike Laven, CEO of Currencycloud and more fintech entrepreneurs and startup executives at #fintech #startups #currencycloud #technews #technology #finance #financialtechnology #payments #transfers #financialservices #finserv #future


Jun 14, 2018

Solving the Last Mile

The last mile of any distribution network is always the least efficient, and it is no different for financial services. This week JP Nicols and Jason Henrichs talk about the… LEARN MORE

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