Dec 04, 2015

Where Biotech meets Fintech


For ages, our signatures have been our identifiers with banks, but in the mobile age, signatures are risky, slow, and far less secure than other methods of identification. Between fingerprints, iris scans, biorhythms, and many other bodytech apps, there are better, faster, and more secure identifiers that banking can use. Today Brett speaks with Bill O’Farrrell and Dr. Eric Rachlin, Co-founders of Body Labs, who are developing several new technologies that show how the human body is able to enter virtual space.Brett also talks with Biphin Sahni, Head of Innovation and R&D for Wells Fargo about the Wells Fargo B2B innovation labs. Graduates of the Innovation lab will be joining as well, including Tobias Rush from Eyeverify, Stephen Burke of Context360, Alexandr Opalka of MotionSavvy, Evan Macmillan of Gridspace, and Tom Gillis of Bracket Computing.


Bill O'farrell

Body Labs Inc.

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Bipin Sahni

Wells Fargo

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Eric Rachlin

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Evan Macmillan


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Stephen Burke

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Toby Rush

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Tom Gillis

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