Jun 20, 2013

When the Tech becomes more Human, does a Human provide a differentiated experience


When we think of technology in banking we often think of 40 year old legacy mainframe systems and clunky IVR menu trees (Press 1 for banking, 2 for credit cards, etc) that are complex, unwieldy and don’t exactly provide a great customer experience in comparison with sitting in front of a smiling human in a branch location. However, with the advent of technology like Siri, the baby-proof usability of iPad and the ever growing suite of apps, voice biometrics that can tell who you are when you ring your bank’s call centre, etc the gap between a seamless digital experience and a great face-to-face experience is shrinking. In this week’s BREAKING BANK$ show we talk to Sutherland Global, Nuance, Kony and others who are leading the mobile, voice self-service technology platform boom and explore how automation, usability and new technologies are creating a service layer that might one day replace that human sitting in a physical space.


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