Jun 11, 2015

To Be Banked or Unbanked?


It is difficult to build wealth without access to the financial system, but banking services have often been too expensive for the poor. As the saying goes- it is expensive to be poor. Advocates for financial inclusion see financial technology as part of the answer to help people gain access, build wealth, and have a large array of services available at prices that don’t bleed them of their capital as they are trying to save. Today, Brett is at the Emerge Conference by the Center for Financial Services Innovation to talk about financial inclusion. He is joined by Marc Hochstein, Editor in Chief of American Banker; Arjan Shutte, CEO of Core Innovation Capital; Lisa Severn, Professor of Urban Policy at The New School; Sasha Orloff, CEO of Lendup.com; and Ron Shevlin, author of Smarter Bank and Snarketing 2.0


Arjan Shutte

Core Innovation Capital

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Lisa Severn

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Marc Hochstein

American Banker

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Sasha Orloff

Lend Up

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