Aug 04, 2017

More Time, Money, and Knowledge with Fintech



“Open Banking is a state of mind” – Lu Zurawski

This week, we are presenting a number of interviews with interesting makers and shakers in the industry.

First Brett speaks to Sergei Sergienko, CEO of Chronobank and they bond about Australia where Sergei lives and about what blockchain makes possible for wages around the globe.

Next, he chats with Blair Livingston, CEO of StreetContxt, who is trying to solve the problem of content noise, and make it leaner and more effective.

Then JP talks to Lu Zurawski from ACI Worldwide about the changes coming with new open APIs and what we have to look forward to this year.
And then Amitaabh Molhotra talks with JP about Omnyway (formerly Omnypay) about reenvisioning the checkout experience in retail and how it will reform and help retail stores.


Amitaabh Molhotra

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Blair Livingston

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Lu Zarawski

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Sergei Sergienko


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