Mar 13, 2015

The Future of the Internet is Us


Today on Breaking Banks, Brett hosts one of his favorite authors, Ramez Naam, to talk about what the financial world can learn and anticipate from science fiction and what is already happening in technological possibility and human behavior that requires radical rethinking about the nature of banking. Also, Joe Pine, renowned author of The Experience Economy, joins the conversation to talk about the effects these changes have already had on outreach and what environment financial institutions should create to spur innovative thinking. And last, but certainly not least, Kitty Parry, Founder and CEO of the ground breaking Social Media Charter, which unlocks the potential for responsible social media use in the financial services, is interviewed by Liz Lumley as part of our Women in Fintech series. Lots of excitement on Breaking Banks this week!


Joe Pine

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Kitty Parry

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Ramez Naam

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