Aug 15, 2019

The Fintech 300

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Don’t miss this massive show! Breaking Banks celebrates +300 episodes featuring an all-star lineup: Brett King, JP Nicols, Jason Henrichs, Chloé James, Theodora Lau, Jim Marous, Chris Skinner, Ron Shevlin, and John Best


Chloé James

RFI Group

Podcast (10)

Chris Skinner

DataWeb, etc

Podcast (21)

Jason Henrichs

Fintech Forge

Podcast (5)

Jim Marous

Digital Banking Report

Podcast (32)

John Best

Best Innovation Group

Podcast (8)

JP Nicols

Provoke.fm Media

Podcast (5)

Ron Shevlin

Smarter Bank

Podcast (19)

Theo Lau

Unconventional Ventures

Podcast (12)

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