Apr 07, 2016

Swisstech, Luxtech, and Insurtech


Fintech is about disrupting the banks and providing a reinvention of banking and the ways we interact with money. Traditional financial centers are focusing on new ways to embrace the disruption and make their cities part of the new network of global fintech hubs. And the disruption is reaching our health industry. Insurtech is about to chang how we interact with insurance providers, access to medical records, and our entire medical system,

Today, Brett speaks with Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion to get an update on Money 20/20 in Copenhagen. Then John Hucker and Alexandre Gaillard from the Swiss Finance and Technology Assn. join to discuss their goals and plans to assist fintech startups in Geneva. Nicolas Mackel of Luxemburg for Finance will talk about the movement in Luxemburg to stay at the top of the investment space. And Harriet Wakelam from Medibank will join to talk about UX in the Insurtech space, and what to expect in insurance disruption. Also, hang on for a little listener bonus with Alex Lightman, contributor to Augmented.


Alexandre Gaillard


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Harriet Wakelam


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Nicolas Mackel

Luxembourg Finance

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