Nov 20, 2015

Startupbootcamp Fintech


As FinTech booms, differentiating yourself and getting attention is key. Many startups do this by applying to an accelerator program, and the most successful accelerator program in FinTech has been Startupbootcamp.Today we are highlighting Startupbootcamp London who just had demo day for their nine fintech startups last week. Co-hosting with Brett will be Liz Lumley, our correspondent and the MD for this last round of Startupbootcamp. They will interview Nektarios Liolios who created Startupbootcamp, and the nine startups that participated in this last round: BondIt, Cybertonica, Delio, MoneyFellows, Obsidian Solutions, Stockviews, Tradle, Walnut Algorithms, and WoraPay. Join us to find out all about the bootcamp experience and how they foster good relationships between Banks and Fintechs.


Nektarios Liolios


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