Jun 25, 2015

Startup Wisdom


How do companies build customer relationships so they foster customer loyalty? The question is important in startups and established players. Today Brett King talks with Duena Blomstrom (@duenablomstrom) about focusing on emotional experience in the user experience. Then he chats with Business Rockstar COO and Founder of TrepScore, Eric Rice, about startups in LA and what makes for good startup culture. Also joining in the show is Tyler Griffin, CEO of Prism who are mobilizing the way that we pay bills. And we continue the Women in Fintech series with Finextra’s Liz Lumley (@lizlum) and Nezahat Gultekin, former Tech City UK leader and founding member of Future Fifty.


Duena Blomstrom


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Eric Rice

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Nezahat Gultekin

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Tyler Griffin

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