Oct 15, 2015

SIBOS: FinTech’s Gone Mainstream


At Sibos, the international banking conference hosted by Swift, Innotribe, a mini conference within the conference has been bringing the message of innovation to the banking industry for the past few years. This year, they have gone mainstream, welcomed into the conference and set right next to the main stage. They have definitely arrived! We are talking to some of the FinTech companies helping banks to prepare for true innovation, some of the bankers driving innovation from the inside, and some of the people who wonder how we can make the process faster, smoother and smarter. Brett hosts Vic Dossey of Microsoft, Rashik Palmer of IBM, Neal Cross of DBS, Lou Zurawski of ACI Worldwide, Henry Balani of Acuity, Yobi Benjamin of Token, and Tom Groenfeldt of Forbes Magazine to discuss banks interest in blockchain, how to help regulators encourage innovation, and why we can’t seem to go fast and go together.


Henry Balani

Accuity, Fircosoft

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Neal Cross

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Rashik Palmer

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Tom Groenfeldt


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Vic Dosey

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Yobi Benjamin

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