Dec 20, 2018

Show Me The Money

Show me the money! On this podcast, Jason Henrichs and Chloé James host Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion, PwC's Henri Arslanian and Best Innovation Group CEO John Best, author of Breaking Digital Gridlock, talking Open Banking, Robinhood and more on Breaking Banks - the #1 fintech podcast https://breakingbanks.com #breakingbanks #fintech #podcast #business #radio #financialservices #openbanking #crypto #regtech #financialtechnology #technews

Host Jason Henrichs and Chloe James are joined by Dave Birch, John Best and Henri Arslanian to talk about the year that was and what the future will hold. Is 2019 the year that predictions come to pass? What can the past tell us about what the future will hold. When things seem to be faster but so much stays the same. 


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